The sports club owner, stadium authorities, warehouse caretaker, banquet house manager all have one thing common, guess what? They all need smart flood light to highlight a special occasion.  

At dusk, when the sun says adieus to the world, smart flood lights takes its place to illuminate the surroundings. Recall, the famous night match between famous Andrei Agassi and Roger Federer, what made that match nail-biting besides skills? Obviously, impeccable lighting.

If there were not smart Outdoor LED Flood Lights, the match wouldn’t become so exciting. In the sharp glare of lights, every shot was crystal clear. It seemed it wasn’t a flood Light, but thousands watt sun at night.

Engineered to deliver absolute focus and optimum performance, Flood lights can make or break the occasion. Just assume thousands of fans are dancing on the beats of the famous song and suddenly flood light diffuse, how would you feel? Or imagine, the staff is loading a truck outside the warehouse, and suddenly flood lights become cranky?

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, flood lights essay a pivotal role. These lights are for sure better than conventional Halogen lights, how to check here…

LED  Flood Lights Vs Halogen Lights

  • LED flood lights are designed to last up to 30,000 hours, whereas Halogen lights run only 15,000 hours.
  • LED lights need zero maintenance whereas Halogen lights need good care.  
  • Halogen lights aren’t costlier, but LED lights are far cheaper 

LED Flood Lights Vs High-pressure Sodium Flood Lights

  • LED FLOOD LIGHTS don’t take enough time to intersperse brightness, whereas HIGH-PRESSURE SODIUM LIGHTS take time to spread light.    
  • LED FLOOD LIGHTS don’t need any maintenance, whereas HIGH-PRESSURE SODIUM LIGHT require monitoring and maintenance

Many art gallery owners use floodlight techniques to highlight art. Like, wall washing technique is used to spread uniform light on the facade or building.

Wall grazing technique is used to highlight stone pattern, tree trunks and climbing vines.

Superior features of LED FLOOD LIGHTS.

Easily mounted.

Glare-free lighting.

A 300 WATT led light can easily replace 1000 watt metal Halide light.

The IP65 rating makes these light, strong and sturdy, which means they can easily brave harsh weather.

150X85 beam angle expands its beam reach

UL and DLC certificates make them more dependable.


Floodlights aren’t a normal light. Their specific use not only make them special but also brings a lot of questions in mind, like how much energy they consume? or how many watts flood light is required for a specific gathering? If all such questions irk you, don’t put them aside, instead talk to our executive or visit       

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