Advantages of a lighting upgrade in any commercial or industrial unit are enormous as there are hundreds of fixtures that consume energy every second, directly contributing to operation cost.

While many statistics prove that LED commercial lighting is rapidly taking its share in the market, we have been seeing hundreds of warehouses that still use old HID lamps to illuminate their unit every day.

Zion Market Research states that If the LED lighting industry is able to achieve a CAGR of 13% through 2022, then the expected industry market size could reach $54.28 billion. In 2016, the global value of the industry was $26.09 billion.

Which actually means that there are warehouses out there that are still lacking behind with lighting technology and burning money on energy bills.

Here’s a list of reasons we are going to see in this post that would give warehouses a reason to move from HID to LED Commercial Lighting:

  • Long warm-up time of HID lighting fixtures
  • Dimming ability of LED Lighting
  • Minimal variable maintenance cost
  • Incentives and rebates programs by energy companies

Long warm-up time of HID lighting fixtures

Have you seen large warehouses with old HID fixtures turning ON well before the actual timings?

HID lighting fixtures take a lot of time to light up at its highest capacity. Usually, it takes 15-20 minutes to light up the warehouse efficiently.

It means that they start consuming energy even before required. Let’s consider 20 minutes of energy wastage every day and that sums up to 100 hours energy wasted without any use, besides having a 60% higher wattage than LED commercial lights.

While LED commercial lights like LED UFO High Bay lights and LED Linear High Bay lights are turned ON instantly and only consume 50% or less energy than HID lamps.

In simple words, a 400W of HID lighting fixture can be replaced with 150W of LED High Bay Lighting fixture to light up the same 15-20ft. of the warehouse.

Dimming ability of LED Commercial Lighting

They are LED Dimmers easily available in the market and they work best with LED lighting fixtures that have dimming feature since they are easy to install they make lighting even more efficient and durable with time.

While Metal Halide lighting fixtures don’t support the commercial unit in energy efficiency with dimming feature, it only adds up the cost to the lighting bills.

LED High Bay lights at LEDMyplace have dedicated connecting wires that connect with the compatible dimmers and operates dimming from 0V to 10V.

Warehouses that install LED lights as part of a “smart lighting” solution and get the maximum output by making lighting more efficient.

LED lights incorporate with various sensors and provide the best possible lighting that any warehouse could have increased productivity and ambiance of the space. This is called “adaptive lighting” and it’s a major way to generate savings at a commercial facility.

Minimal variable maintenance cost

Most of the LED commercial lights we have at LEDMyplace come with 50,000-hour lifespan and 5 years warranty, considering the durability and efficiency of the LED lights, we have seen commercial warehouses using these LED commercial lighting for years and spending zero on maintenance cost.

In simple words, even if the LED lights are turned for 12 hours a day, it would last close to a decade and with no maintenance, IP rating of these LED lighting fixtures protect them from dust and moisture along the way.

Incentives and rebates programs by energy companies

Nothing is better than getting extra support.

There are numerous incentives and rebate programs by energy companies that support warehouses that buy LED Commercial Lights.

The initial cost of LED lights is significantly higher than that of HID lighting fixtures, but in the long run, these LED lights provide a huge amount of return by saving up to 70% energy cost bills.


The LED lighting industry is rapidly increasing. Pricing for LED light bulbs has been steadily decreasing, which is a trend that is expected to continue in the future.

As a business owner with warehouses, it’s really important to be a part of the race. It’s not only going to contribute to saving money but also to promote eco-friendly lighting.

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